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This blog is the aftermath of her boredom.



I’m stuck at home since Monday with my family but I’m not complaining. It’s a bitter sweet feeling that classes was suspended because I had my rest but wasn’t able to do my feasibility and a lot of people are suffering because of the typhoon. 

  • (First) Last Sunday Myio helped me shoot my feasibility product and that’s me holding a flash(?) while mom is cooking the stuffing’s for the Rice Balls.
  • (Second) If you are following Myio’s instagram you’ll see repeated photos of McSpicy. Yep he got addicted to it. I was craving for it too so we ordered online for everyone at home.
  • (Third) Watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre late at night I think it was around 2 am already. The movie is not gruesome unlike the previous movies but the story was ok and I’m hoping for next.
  • (Fourth) While everyone’s enjoying their champorado mom cooked ginataang mais! Perfect for the weather!
  • Mom got curious about The Conjuring so we watched it with daddy and ate at our sala with the lights off haha 
  • I was on my bed, lying pretty lol thinking of how many days I already wasted on not doing my Feasibility so I got up and faced my laptop and yay I finished writing two topics!

Hope everyone is doing good after the heavy rain and flooding.

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